DROCON Hacker Drone, RC Quadcopter Micro Mini Drone with 720P HD Camera, Headless Mode, Easy to Trim, 360 Degree Flip

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When starting to design HACKER, we intended to create a small drone which can take HD Pictures and Videos, and we wanted it to be simple and easy control. Then we studied all the mini drones in the market, just found all those are designed for kids,easy to break and hard to control,on the other hand, for those equipped with cameras, it is really hard to obtain clear images. Now Drocon HACKER is created to challenge them all :
The size of the drone body is only: 4 x 2 x 1.8CM. Thumb up! You will know how small it is.: )
Built- in 720P HD Camera, insert a SD Card (Not included) into the slot, easy to record high definition images and videos, that makes Hacker more than just a toy.
Drocon HACKER adopts durable ABS materials, makes it more flexible, not easy to break. Especially the flexible blades will free you from the endless and annoying process of replacing them. Due to these, we didn’t add any protect guards to it. Why? You won’t need one !
PHOTOGRAPH/VIDEO button is just above the controller, easy to take pictures or videos during the flight!
Only 4 Trim buttons on the center of the controller, Forward/Backward/Leftward/Rightward, easy to adjust flying balance!
Headless Mode button is designed on the POWER SWITCH button, which makes the controller more simple. Just remember that when the drone is powered on, it is set default on normal mode, short press the power button for once, it enters Headless Mode, do it again, it turns back to normal mode; Long press the button to turn off the controller.
Firstly, fly the drone up to about 2 meters height, press the (SPEED/STUNT)button and push the direction stick, HACKER will perform a 360 degree Flip accordingly.
Charging Time:50 min.
Flying Time: 5~6 minutes.
Drone Weight: 19g

  • A Play for Fun Little Thing – First of all, unlike the other mini drones that are demonstrated for kids or beginners, Drocon HACKER is designed for those who is almost skillful and wish to play a mini size drone for fun even in a narrow room place.
  • Real Mini Size – The designer had dreamed to challenge the smallest size of toy – grade drones in the market, so finally we got this Drocon HACKER’s body size came out to be just a thumb size of an adult.
  • 720P HD CAMERA – Can You Believe That ? Even though the drone’s size is tiny, it still comes with a built – in HD camera, work with the controller buttons, it is easy to take pictures and videos during the flight.
  • HEADLESS MODE – The Drocon HACKER has added the HEADLESS MODE to help those who are not good at directions, and who just need it for much more fun. Under the HEADLESS MODE, the orientation of the drone will stay constant that makes it is easier to be controlled since there won’t be a need to judge which side is the head side.
  • EASY TO TRIM – Unlike the other drones, the Drocon Hacker designs its trim buttons to be much simple with only 4 buttons – Forward/Backward/Leftward/Rightward, and put them all on the center of the controller, that makes it much easier to be understood and controlled, just take a time to adjust the drone and make it to be stable in the air, then it will perform good.

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